About this site

It began as a pretty typical quest for revelation – not for the meaning of life, exactly – more for the meaning behind life. Trying to understand and then maybe change the world, or at least influence it a bit.

But apparently it’s not in the nature of revelation to reveal itself easily. I think it’s because we tie ourselves up so tightly in the fabric of our daily lives, we don’t let ourselves see clearly. When that fabric is ripped apart, we get glimpses of a more profound experience, and sometimes they stay with us, but the natural tendency is to recreate the net again. We talk about picking up the pieces, putting them back together and carrying on.

This is an attempt to do the opposite: to pick up the pieces, and then turn them over and discover what’s underneath. It’s a fascinating quest that involves everything from physics to philosophy and economics to theology …  and a lot of random thoughts as well. And it’s an invitation to you to be part of that, because your insight and intelligence are going to make it much more interesting. So please comment and get some discussions going. Thanks for reading.


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